Please Please help DVD Writer Newbie!

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I have a dell dimension 8200 it came with a cd/dvd rom drive. But I have just brought a Plextor PX-712A. If its possible can I replace the two or is it best to keep the two for dvd copying. By the way what is the best DVD-R for doing this? + 0r - and what make? Will a full film fit on a dvd-r?

There is a spare space on the computer for a drive, do i just fit it in to this place and will it fit ok?

As you can tell i have never done this before and wish I knew someone that could do it for me, I am worried I am going to break the PC.

Appreciate any help you can give


I just wanted to add that I have a dvd /cd rom in one space and the other one is the cd writer. Is it possible to take the old cd writer out and replace it with my plextor dvd writer? How would I go about replacing them? would I have to tell my computer or uninstall software before I do this?

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You should keep the DVD-Rom drive and add your DVD writer in the spare slot.
Dell are usually very good and the cables should already be there waiting for another drive.Dell are usually cable select (the Little jumper setting on the back of the drive). Some people say not to use cable select but if your Dell is cable select it should be fine.If the DVD you want to backup is over 3.38 GB in size you will need to shrink it smaller with dvdshrink or similar . + or - is a matter of preference I use both.

Yes replace the CD writer with the DVD writer.Re boot and windows will do the rest. :slight_smile: Just make sure the jumper setting is the same as the CD writer your replacing.

Best Way is this if U got Space in that Dell Tower…DVD-Rom Drive------CD-WRITER----DVD-Writer…Why!!..Because a CD-Writer Writes CDs Better n Faster than a DVD-Writer…DVD-Rom for Reading, CD-Writer for CDs Only, DVD-Writer for DVDs Only…Works Better that way…If U aint got the space, either buy a bigger tower or take out the CD-Writer…

A few updates
1.Yes take out the CD-Writer so you can copy directly with DVD’s.
2. A film will easily fit on a DVD and at excellent quality, the thresh hold though for a DVD is 4.7 GB not 3.38.
3. Like everyone else sadi just unplug the CD Burner and plug in the DVD burner having the jumper set to cable select and you should be fine.
4. Lastly pick up a good software bundle for burning DVD’s Nero 6.0 Ultra isn’t too bad but if you plan on backing up DVD’s I’d recommend Slysoft’s anydvd and Elaborate Bytes’ Clone DVD 2.0

Mistype will edit 3.38 should have been 4.38 GB

Yeah we’re both kinda right because when you run a DVD Identifier it does say the capacity is 4.38 GB and then in parentheses 4.7 GB So whatever