Please no flames - Need Help ripping daughters new Backstreet Boys cd -Copy Protected




No flames on musical taste please :slight_smile:

My daughter just picked up the new Backstreet Boys CD yesterday released on the BMG label. She used our EAC ripping program and the result was not very good. THe resulting programs play at a faster speed than normal and they “stutter”.

Please suggest programs / methods that I should try in defeating this instanity.

Oh, BTW, thanks BMG, My daughter bought no less than 4 cd’s for herself and friends, but guess, what? She only listens to her musc on an MP3 player you idiots!

All help appreciated!



If your drive is compatible you could use “Feurio!”


Personnel choice would be EAC.

Exact Audio Copying Guide



EAC is the tool we used! I use it to rip all my cd’s, but this is the first that didn’t work :frowning:




My CD Burner is: Samsung CD-R/RW SW-240B

How do I go about finding out if this drive is compatible?



Oppps. Didn’t see EAC sitting in your post. Personnelly I find that this is the best program. Do you have the settings correct?

The tick boxes depend upon your drive capabilities.


look on this page :
It is supported. Try it. Feurio! is my favorite program for audio. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Well, the problem here is the copy protection, not your EAC settings. I’m not sure what BMG uses for copy protection, but most of the time defeating copy protection is a drive issue. I know my Plextor PX-712A and my good ol’ Yamaha CRW-F1 will take out about any protection I come across, but I don’t think a plain vanilla Samsung will do as good a job. I think copy protection is a pretty standard test in the drive reviews, check out what’s there and see if you can find one that could bypass the protection. Or just go straight to a friend with a Plextor.

Also, you’ll probably want to use “Test & Copy”, just incase there are any problems, so you know you if should try ripping the track again.


What about installing AnyDVD and then trying to copy it?

Ben :slight_smile:


Seeing as you have an original CD, if you couldn’t copy the tracks try a bit torrent download. On Never Gone (I assume this is the CD) is available for download. Can’t be illegal if you have the original but are unable to back it up for personal use.


Eject the disk, then just as you press the button to reinsert it hold down shift. Release the key when the disk activity has stoped. This may stop the protection from starting and allowing you to rip the CD. Good luck :slight_smile:



I’ve downloaded the Fuerio product and will see if this helps me with the problem I’m having. If not, I’ll look to other software workarounds and lastly I’ll go to another drive that appears more resilient against this kind of stupidity.

I’ll post back after trying Fuerio tonight.


Virus Hack is right in this case. BMG and Sunncomm are partners, they still use the same old copy protection from 2 years ago. You simply need to hold down the shift key as you insert the CD and you can prevent SunnComms software from loading. Then just rip it the way you always do.



I’ll try the shiftkey trick… can’t hurt, right? Still seems incredulous that it’s that easily defeated!

will report back.


At least these guys had success, apparently the new Foo Fighters album uses the same protection scheme.

Buenos suerte mi amigo!


I’m also having the same problem. I am using a Plextor PX-716a, the newest version of anydvd, and the newest version of clonecd without any luck. I also tried the shift key solution. Apparently the cd protection didn’t pop up but when I copy the cd it is skipping and terrible. I will try the Fuerio and see if this works. I have never had this much problems backing up a cd.


Whose cd is it ???
Dont be embarrased , I am 61 and when I bought my copy Thursday I ignored
the funny looks I got.
Anyway I have just copied the cd disk using Clone CD and played several
tracks and had no problems

I will admit that to the uninitiated its possible to believe there is “wow and flutter” on the cd but thats just the music

Havnt figured out yet how to get the bonus tracks off the DVD “yet”



I’ve now tried EAC and Fuerio to no avail. Ripped copies all have the very bad “stutter” introduced. Perhaps the copy protection program already installed instelf on my computer? If so, how can I find it and remove it?

rwatson, I’ll check out clone cd, but I suspect, until I hunt down and remove the copy protection program, I’ll be vexed the same way as the other rippers.



I have checked the cover of my UK sourced disk and see no explicit indication of copy protection so i AM PUZZLED as to how you are convinced this is so .

Sony have used copyright protection before and the method was it loaded a player off the disk to the hard disk which prevented you copying .
The fix was descibed on this forum and entailed pressing the shift key and stopping the sony player from loading .

If there is no copy protection which I believe to be the case , the stutter is either due to .

Poor media ( I use Traxdata )
Too fast a burn Speed (use slowest burn speed )
Other applications running in the background ( close all programs while burning)
A duff burner

Have you got a friend who can try burning the disk on another machine

Was the disk purchased in the uk


Which track is giving the problem ???
I will play the whole album (copied cd) on my way to and from work tomorrow