Please Need Help! MSI DR12-A

I have a problem with my dvd-rw MSI DR12-A (MS-8412A)…
first of all it starts on ATA-33 from bios but windows xp puts it on pio 4 mode… i’ve modified the registry (local machine> system…) so the dvd-rw start on udma 2 but when I put a dvd in drive windows automaticaly changes in to pio mode :frowning: , I’ve tryed many types of windows (w/sp, sp1,sp2) but none of them worked. there are times when I remove the disc from the drive and the read/write led remains on ??? yesterday a even tryed it on linux but it crashed the system !!! I’ve asked somebody from tehnical support an said the the firmware is curupted or something like this… I can write dvds with the drive but only at 2x max because it’s limited on pio mode… so if any of u have a sugestion please write it to me :wink:
if somebody has a firmware for this drive please let me know
10x :bow:

Hi sk3l3t,
Nice To See You At This Forum Too :slight_smile:

On Which Port You Are Connected Your MSI Drive?
It Seems To Be A Problem, When Hard Disk & Your MSI Drive Are Connected At The Same Cable/Port (For Example Primary)…

When It’s True - Try UnPlug Your MSI Drive From Primary Port & Then PlugIt Into Secondary As Stand Alone On One Cable…