Please Need Help ! ( Marco Borsato )


I made different dvd’s with InstanCopy bud the movie from Marco Borsato ( in de Kuip ) giving me a hard time.I cant get the sise smaller than 5,5 gb. Ripped the movie with dvd.decrypter to the harddiks ( file mode,select all ) and dan use InstantCopy to burn it with my Sony burner.No way to get the sise below 4.3 gb,whatever I try!Normal InstatCopy starts by his own,bud whit this movie I get a warning that the file is to big?Whats the problem?
Thanks anyway!

i have the same problem. I’ve tried it with dvd2one with about the same result (with all the three audiotracks). I’ve just tried to decode the dvd with only 1 audio (5.1) track. Result: it fits on 1 dvd, but the quality of the picture is not that good anymore.

I give it a last try: i get rid of the extra’s and only 5.1 audio track. Maybe this work.
This is the fist dvd which gives me a hard time.

:frowning: :frowning:

Anybody else with better results?

Hay Clint

I left out the dts audio because I dont need it and the rip is perfect whit the specials and everything,the picture is good to, using DVD2ONE.:bow: