Please! Need Help copying a [i]really[/i] bad CD

I have a copy of The Sims that has a straight two inch crack coming out from the center of the CD, neither one of my Lite-On drives can read it. It originally had a one inch crack and I was able to make a copy of it, but the most important file,, is corrupted and the file objects.far won’t install.
Is there anything I can do to:
1 - Correct the file and the copied CD?
2 - Read and re-copy the original cracked CD?
3 - Find from someone on the internet, patch, then burn the CD is Nero orsomething?
4 - Anyhting else?

The CD uses the Old SafeDisc copy protection. The crack is straight except for one inch along where it is barely distorted, and only a very few very small specks of the CD is missing smong the crack.

Anything? Any tips orr tricks?
BTW, I don’t want to spend money on the gam e again, can’t take it back (It’s been to long and lost the box), and don’t want some gutted ripped warez version.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your best option is probably to send it back to EA Games and ask for a new disc.

(That will cost you though)

It is an original, right?? I agree with the above, call them and ask for a replacement disc, They will probably require you to send a page out of the manual by fax or something to that effect, and you get a new disc out of the deal, they probably wont charge full price for the cd.

well… if it’s some how dificult for you to have it replaced… LG cd-rw drives are known to have good reading capabilities on scratched discs…

If you know someone with one of these drives… try it…


Probably a long shot, but maybe you can try CCD with FES off and regenerate data on.

I suppose I could send it back. I’ll try that if my sister’s CD drive, which reads and recognizes the disc (It’s a TEAC), doesn’t get me a working copy.
The first copy I got off my computer, and the only one, I was an idiot and forgot to diable FES. Now I’m reading it at 1x speed 15x per error w/FES off. I can only hope now, or prepare to send it back.