Please look at this

is this a good burn? should i keep the disc?

Shot at 2007-08-12

Shot at 2007-08-12

Shot at 2007-08-12

i did not update my drive, i use nero 6, and no i cannot buy anyother brands of media besides the maxell 8x ones i’m using, yes i did burn at 4x. see i’ll be taking a trip soon and i plan on bringing the disc with me which contains some of my MOST important data, i backed it all up incase they mis-shipped my pc, anyways here are my question:

[B]-how is the burn? is it acceptable?

-readable by most dvd drives? (readable on both my liteon burner and dvd drive)

-will it be readable in the future?[/B]

those data aren’t replacable, they’re my precious >_>

i also ran into something strange:

is it normal for the size differences? both files are on the pc, 1 of them original, the other one was copied from the disc to the hd after i burn it.

thaks for the help, thank you.

Liteon 1693 should scan @4x; 8x scans are not entirely reliable.

Try to repeat scans at 4x :slight_smile:

However, about reliability in time, I’d suggest to burn again this disc, on a better quality disc like a Verbatim :slight_smile:

Also, the file sizes you show are fine.

Top row shows true file size (which are identical on both), bottom row shows the ammount of space taken up by the files on the media. Media uses clusters of fixed sizes (512 bytes, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192 etc etc). A file fills one or more clusters and 2 files cant share a cluster. Your media has different cluster sizes to the HDD and hence the difference in the lower numbers.

i see, well they’re just plain data (programs and games), so:

-should i reburn again on another disc? same brand though, there’s no vibertims here, don’t know why…

-how exactly did maxell gets all these BCN awards? i find their brands everywhere and i actually tried a TDK dvd+r one with 8x and it all failed or frooze up…it seems my drive can’t burn anything tdk, so i’m stuck with maxell…

-will this current disc be readable on most dvd drives? (sony nec lg …etc)

-will this data last long on the dvd? will it become unreadable in 3 years?

thank you T_T

i ttried another one, same result…T_T


Did you try with a Verb like Geno said?

If that disc contains important data, I suggest to burn again on a better quality disc. If verbatim are not available in local stores, try to get some buying online.

Very simple: you can print anything you like on the box :wink:
btw, these prizes are only commercial useless things useful only to make people think that a certain product is high quality one… :Z

TDK sells media with a wide range of mediacode, but most of these discs are low quality media. I suggest to avoid TDK too.

Disc readability is related to many factors, mostly on the exact position of the errors on the disc sectors. It is a bit complicated thing to describe (there is a lot of mathematical stuff about errors on disc sectors, and really I’m not able to understand all that math :o).

It is impossible answer to this question, but based on other people experience, these discs can become unreadable [U]after few months[/U], certainly not 3 years.
Again, the better solution is to buy better quality discs. As I said, try to find some good discs on online stores :slight_smile: