Please,Lite-on info

Hye to any1,
on Monday i’m going to buy(i have already booked and on Saturday i may confirmed or not my buying) a Lite-on 52/24/52 at euro 77.
I saw around different letter for this master in this forum or in the net and i would like to know if they are all the same(i think not) and if they do all the same protection ???or they do different depending of letter they have ??? and what kind of protection i can do this this master ???

Thank you in advance to any1 will reply here or at my email :

many greetings from Italy

There is only one such drive available at this time, 52246S. There may soon be a 52327S, and a 51246K, but to answer your question, they are all functionally the same.

Hye rdgrimes,
thank you for your quick reply,do you know where i can get all protection scheme and what my lite-on do and what cannot ??
I know that i cannot do some audio-protection but i don’t know which one i cannot do and what i can do perfectly

There are always new protections that some drives cannot copy, but the LiteOn comes as close as any drive to doing them all. Have a look in the Alcohol and CloneCD forums for info on copy protections.

i was given that drive too, and i found many interesting answers in the great review by :bigsmile:

i get 3 reply but nobody can help what kind of protections
Lite-on 52/24/52 can do or not.
I may look somewhere else
Thank you anyway

It wouldn’t hurt your fingers if you’d look at the Audio Forum and Burning Software Forum before demanding such and such.:Z I’ve already typed too much… don’t make me bring out Mr. search.

actually i told you where to look, didn’t i? if you’re too lazy to go yourself, i’ll put a direct link here, but please don’t say we don’t help you.

veramente io ti avevo detto dove cercare, no? se sei troppo pigro per cercare da solo la pagina che ti avevo indicato, è un’altra storia… cmq ti posto volentieri un link diretto qui, ma per favore non dire che non ti aiutiamo.