Please list ALL TOOLS needed (will spend $)



hi, can someone please list ALL THE PIECES of software that I need to:

backup ANY format to dvd5
convert ANY format to dvd5
please include ALL codecs/plugins/addons that i need

i want a list of things that will let me do anything i want (to dvd5) including games, and im willing to spend money (up to $300) on professional tools.
quality is the most important factor, im tired of using freeware (although there are SOME good ones) to get semiprofessional results


Crunching games would require specific knowledge of the game in order to know what part of the game that could be removed in order to store in on a DVD5.

Example: You will not be able to put the Xbox Metal Gear Solid 2 game on a DVD5 unless you have specific knowledge on which files you do not require (cut scenes, movies, etc).

Regarding dvd movies i would suggest Slysoft’s package deal. AnyDVD will remove every copy protection from your dvd’s. CloneDVD will compress and burn them.


We’re here to help but you’re going to have to do some work :slight_smile:
Get out the wallet

Info sites

There are so many more and i really don’t type that well, so hopefully this will get you started


i agree…your $ can’t buy you common sense and any effort to actually read/research…it’s all here (and many other places) for the taking…



im not afraid of learning and dedicating time to do so, i just want to have all the right tools first (i hate how so far i keep going back (seperate computer) and having to keep downloading software/codecs/etc just to do a simple task


the slysoft package Mr. B mentioned above is good for backing up DVD9 and DVD5 to DVD5…there are also free alternatives on par with that package though (e.g. DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, DVDFab Decrypter, DVD Rebuilder, etc.)

in order to convert from one format to DVD-VIDEO, you’ll need a whole slew of codecs and a front-end that allows you to utilize them…some may disagree, but i’ve found codec packs like K-Lite Codec pack work just fine (with no conflicts on one of my systems)…you can use front-ends like TMPGEnc and/or DVD Lab Pro (the link sikoone mentioned above)… (already mentioned) (already mentioned)
and of course (Tutorials section)

more specific issues/questions will help us be more particular in our recommendations of course…

good luck…


Heh, since drpino has 'fessed up, so will I. :wink: Yeah, I use the K-Lite pack, but I don’t install the whole thing, just what I know I’ll need. Then check the codecs with CodecSniper.

K-Lite’s not bad as packs go, but many out there ARE bad. I’m thinking of the infamous NIMO Codec Pack (curse you NIMO!). Do a full install and you’re screwed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me Again. I hope i didnt come across the wrong way before, but there is no way anyone could list ANY and ALL, because if you’ve ever been to or, you’ll notice those sites are huge. There’s always going to issues in someway shape or form so the best way is to just keep doing what you’re doing and try different programs until you find those that do what you want. Just when i think i’ve found the perfect program (svcd2dvd or Dvd Rebuilder for example) something rears its ugly head. So keep trying those freeware programs and demos because its the only way to really learn IMHO.