Please...Is there a Idea to split video by chapters?



Hello ,
i’m wondering if there an software or way to cut clips or split video by chapters ,
i have sony dvd hand cam , and like after i scanned a football game , during the game i’m pressing on start and pause bottom , after i finish , it make the chapters , i’m looking about program could help me to pull out the chapters i’m interested in , like if there 93 chapters , and i interesting in chapters 11, 19, 73, 84… only…etc

i’m sorry to make disturb , but i hope someone could help me here

Thank you


Is your recording in DVD-Video format?


using DVD Decrypter in IFO Mode, load the IFO for your video (usually VTS_01_0.IFO), then in the lower right hand corner is a box with chapters with a check mark next to them. Uncheck all the chapters you do not want. Then hit the DVD>HD button. That should be about it from what I remember.


…if it’s in DVD-Video format :wink:


Nice from the responses , it mean there way to pull some chapters out without others

yes its DVD-Video format . …*****.VOB
the camera record on mini dvd disc , 1.4GB
after i pull it outside from camera , and play it back on computer ,using ASUStek , it appears by chapters , but later after i copy the disc on computer ,the video seems like all is one chapter! so another question , i can only view to video by chapters from the disc?

thank you for help

Thank you and i will try it ,