"Please Insert Disk" ND-3450A doesnt work

I built this computer in late July. Ive had no problems until early September. All through August I could burn dvds, cds and read discs full speed on an ND-3450A. Then in early September I added a second drive (DVD/CD-RW) from my other computer. It was only 3 years old. It has been working perfectly. But my NEC drive stopped working. I tried switching the jumper from master to c.s., uninstalling media programs then reinstalling, and using different media. Everytime I would insert a disc and go to the drive location (D:) it would always say “Please insert a disk into drive D:.” Even when there wasn’t a disk in it. On my other drive it would let me access it even if there wasn’t anything in it. I know this isnt a hardware malfunction because I booted up Knoppix and it let me access my Call of Duty 2 bonus dvd. How can I fix this (preferably without completely uninstalling/reinstalling the drive)?

Windows XP SP1
NEC ND-3450A

Have you check that your other drive jumper is set as slave? You don’t mention that.

Its set to CableSelect and its on the Master position for the cable. No pins are missing from the IDE connection either.

From my experience with setting up IDE drives, cable select never works right and causes trouble most of the times. Set one to master and one to slave.

what happens when you disconnect the HLDS drive? does it go back to working? if so then ditch it and stop wasting your time

wtf… All I know is that the drive works. I burned a DVD on my other computer with it. The only problem is I only have one monitor and this computer has all my media stuff.
The drive is recognized but doesnt work.
A disc will be in it but the drive will appear to be empty and is unnaccessible.

Do you think running it in a USB encloser as an external drive would work?

Why are we trying to help? :rolleyes:

And who told you all that? If your answer is “explorer” then you did it wrong.

Use a proper burning app.

I was just looking for post to do with the nec burner. i have a external one that i got of ebay. after i installed it which was easy i fought with it several hours to get it to burn. i thought my equipment was junk. as it turned out the burner will only work using a 8x dvd. i have not figured it out yet but i thoughtpe it was just the new maxells i bought but a friend give me some 8x imations it works great. i went to walmart last friday got a 30 pack of 16x imations guess what the burner does not work. obviously i think its in the hardware setup but i cant figure it out yet. hope someone reads this that can steer me in the right direction. i,am using dvd shrink and nero 7 ultimate to back up my dvds