Please insert a disk into drive G:

Hi, I am new here and I searched this forum for my answer but I didn’t find one that applied. I bought an I/O Magic IDVD16DDBE External Dvd writer in Feb of this year. It is a BENQ DVD DD DW1620. Firmware B7V9. It had been working fine up until about 3 weeks ago. I have already burned about 25 dvd’s. Now all of a sudden it will only detect a dvd in my drive about 1 out of every 50 times. If I put a blank dvd in the drive it will show that and also if I put a cd in the drive it will read that also. I have already contacted I/O Magic support and they had me update the firmware. It worked one time after that and now is not working again. I have tried removing it in device manager and letting it find it again after rebooting and that doesn’t seem to work either. Please help!!

You must use a proper burning app, and stick to good media.

I have been using the same media TDK 16x DVD+R and Anydvd & CloneDVD2 the whole time. I have made no changes since first beginning. I don’'t understand why it would work before and not now.

Test the burner with/on another computer to make sure its still working.

Thanks Chef, It is not working on another computer either. Will have to contact I/O Magic to return it. Thanks for your help.