Please inlight me - FW flash

How you describe " bad flash"
I understand if drive not working or giving strange behavor( ex: Qscan or can’t write), but very often you read: ’ i flash n-times before start working right’
How you know this good flash.
O.K. and
:slight_smile: please i’m playing with pc about 25 years
i can tell you this wrong slot for this card, reason:
1.,2.,3. and so. This software mot going to work, reason: 1., 2., 3. and i’m done.
Please, explain :bow: :bow:

Don’t tell me this is feeling what come to you.
this not magic; this is computer piece of hardware and software, create by man who make mistakes and if something going wrong, need to be way to proof this wrong.

You are just fooling 'round, right?

No. I’m new to this CDSpeed scan, and i want to know :
working right” . And to make this clear: yes sometimes i got this feeling “this configuration not going to work” Why ? Becouse i sad so! I hate this, reason: 99.9% i’m right. Or maybe you right i’m fooling around;
if i play more i better undestand. Sorry, was bad day for me and 40(proof) not very good help :eek:


Do I sense paranoia? :wink:

No. You smell drinking. :wink:

Goto bed and sleep it off ;).

Yes this my plan. I hope i’m not upset anybody
But Q? still stay, all my life i try to translate
this(“going to work right or not going to work”) to people and always got me in trouble. :eek: