Please I Need Help Making Data DVD!

First and formost thank you guys for all your help. Life would be hell with out you.

Now where do i start. I’m having problems burning Data DVDs with Nero. No matter which formatt i use (ISO or UDF) the DVD burns with no problems but when i stick the DVD back in to the computer to view the files i just burnt, windows doesn’t detect it. If i try to access it through windows explorer it says ‘drive not accessible’.

Using this tutorial off of nero’s site ( ) i discovered that the disk may not be getting finalized. When i get to the screen that is displayed on page 6 of the tutorial, it doesn’t allow me to select finalize disk. Its completely grayed out. I have no idea what to do. Is there any way i can change this so i can select finale Disk? or is there some other way i can burn data onto a DVD) Any and all advice is welcome. Please Help I’ve made about 20 coaster since yesterday trying to figure this out.

I’m trying to burn regular files like pictures, text, docs, mp3, etc

I’m using
Pioneer 107d firmware 1.10
Windows XP Sp1

You did not mention the media type you are using, and Not Finalizing a disc will not make it unreadable. It just means you can add data to it later. I have burned many dvd’s and left them open, and they are seen by the pc, and set top players as well. You should get an RW disc, and also try different software as well, but I bet it could be a media problem. Hope this helps.

I’m using a bulk media called VDSP-SAB 01. The thing is it burns my Backup DVDs with Shrink without any problems using the same media. I was just guessing with the not being able to finalize thing. but what other software could i use to burn data onto a DVD-R disc?

Record Now is a good one to try. I don’t have enough experience with Nero to know why the data discs are unreadable, whether closed or not. Hopefully someone with more experience will post also. Good Luck.

Update your firmware, 1.10 is old firmware