PLease help



Is there anyway i can take an 812s and flash it a 851s or a 851s to an 812s.
I really dont care about the 8x dvd-r capability that the 812 has i just want 8x dvd+r wich both have, but the problem is i want to do simultaneous burning on them and i would prefer if they both had the same firmware(dont really like the 832 hack) and i would prefer the 851s gsok firmware for both since i have all my media set up and tweaked to burn perfectly with this firm ware and burner! So what im really looking for is a way to flash an 812 to an 851, i could be done since both can be flashed to 832, but how?

thanks, prking


no one can tell me if it can be done and how?


ok, nevermind, i just flashed the 812 with the 851 onmipatched firmware and it worked!
im burning simultanously as we speak and will post the kprobe scans of both dvds after its done to see how it went!

the 812@851 scan looks to be comingout pretty decent!!


oh my god!!! the 812@851 scan was awesome, even better than my 851 scans burning alone!!

this is the 812@851 using firmware GSOK burnt at 6x simultaneously!!

ps:doing the 851 scan now, but dont think its going to be better than this cause in the begining pi was in the 30s(maybe its the cable, for the 812@851 i have an 80 wire cable, and for the 851 i have an 40 wire cable)


the 851 scan:

the high pis in the begining could be due to the cable im using, tomorrow ill get other 80 wire cable and test again. Othr than that it seems that they both burn well at 6x simultanously. Although in the begining the lights started to blink orange untill it hit the 6x mark then it stayed put, isnt buffer underuns supposed to happen in faster burns? Anyways i dont think it hurt the burns much in anyway though!


It’s not a cabling problem. Those errors represent the higher errors of the 4x region.


yeah but the pis didnt use to be that high before i used to get around 20-25pi and 2po always in my original 851 with ricohs. I think it can be cable or controler card problem, but hey the scan is still pretty decent for a simultaneous 6x burn!!

if you look at the two scans you could see that they are almost identical except for the begining of the 851 scan! The 812@851 didnt do that and the 851 has never done that!