Please help

I’m using latest cloneDVD with help of anyDVD. After I burn DVD everything seems just fine for some time, than after a while picture freeze for a second or so and then again everything is smooth and nice. This happens every let’s say 3 minutes. Somethimes picture freeze completely and than I must give it a little help with my Onkyo DVD remote controler and push it forward for a second or so. I tryed different medias and everything described above happens on exactly same places in the movie. Before I burned dvd I previed vobs with powerdvd and everything is perfect, but when I burned dvd with Clonedvd the movie freezes here and there. So I tried to burn dvd with latest Nero or so. but write after I press burn nero hangs and whole computer stops responding until I use hard restart. What I need is a help either that I can meka nice DVD with clone or I can at least burn it with a Nero and see if there is any difference.

Please help!
Thank you

win 2000 sp4
Gygabyte VTX7e+ or something like that
nec 2500A 1.07 heirre

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