Please help

i am having some trouble burning svcds with my new 811S. My firmware is HS0E but the dvds burn fine. Can anyone please tell me which is the best firmware version is the best to use as i have already messed a dvd burner before trying to upgrade again :wink: and i dont want to mess up this drive too :cool:

dvd_rw :Z

The firmware will not affect the results of burning a SVCD.

really, well i didnt know that :rolleyes: , the reason is, the svcd i burned on this 811s did not play on my dvd player the end of the movie was stuck but then when i burnt it with an old NEC cd burner it burnt fine and the movie played fine till the end . couldnt believe that but overall which firmware do you recommend as the best firmware to upgrade to from HS0E or should i keep the same firmware ?(HS0E) on 811S:confused: