Please help

alright, i updated my 1004IM drive to firmware v049, but bitsetting still doesn’t work. Nero and DVDInfoPro still shows that the DVD+RW is still DVD+RW even though i change it to DVD-ROM. However i manage to get it work for 2 times out of 100. Does anyone know the solution to this problem? I really appreciate it…thx

Reading from the other post, bitsetting wasn’t included in this release.

no, bitsetting is implemented in the 049 version, but somehow it doesn’t work. You can select the button to change the booktype from DVD+RW to DVD-ROM using Nero, but it doesn’t work. In version 048, you can’t even select this button. So is there a solution to this problem?

Anyone at all? Come on people, help a poor guy out. How do you achieve bitsetting on 1004 with firmware 049?

it is already in the forum : bitsetting is available only with 0049 beta firmware

It works!