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I have a Cendyne 32x12x40 that has Verbatim written on the door.The firmware version that came with it is X8S2.After reading a lot of posts here i decided to try changing it to a lite-on so i used MTKFLASH with the bin file XS05(the latest bin file).Everything went well.So now it is a lite-on LTR-32123s with firmware xs05.Now i would like to upgrade the drive to the latest firmware so i DL the newest windows firmware version xsox and when i try to flash the drive it starts to flash for 1-2 seconds then a box pops up saying"flash utility;Write Buffer>OB OO OO.O4,OOOO".When i click ok on the pop up box NOTHING else happends…it just sits there doing nothing.Any ideas what is going on???Thanks in advance.

Maybe check the FAQ thread first? :wink:

ok i read all of the FAQ…now what?

Q: Lite-On firmware update program will not flash my drive, it hangs or aborts!
A: Make sure you have the drive connected to the main IDE controller, try to disable DMA reboot and then flash. Don’t forget to enable DMA again. If that do not work: Uninstall any non Microsoft IDE drivers, and use only the Microsoft ones shipped with the OS.

I think OC-Freak might be referring to the above.

  1. Shut down your machine. If you are using any add-on IDE cards, remove them and connect the drive to the motherboard IDE connector/channel. In case you have installed any additional drivers like the Intel Appln. Accelerator, uninstall them.

  2. Switch on your PC. From the device manager, disable DMA for the IDE channel / drive and reboot.

  3. Try flashing the drive with the downloaded firmware now.

Tried the tricks described there about disabling DMA and uninstalling IDE drivers if other than M$?


This time around, I beat you to the post…:smiley: :bigsmile:

i just wanted to say thanks for all your help…i finally got it to work