Please help



How do I create a copy (for myself of course) of black and white and alice and the sims.

I have nero 5 and clonecd I am using teac w58e. Should I use any particular speed or are there any ‘strange things’ I need to do, I am very new to all this but am aware of the safedisk 2 protection but as the copied cd will be used on my drive I hope it is still possible.

Please Help:( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Yes these games have got the SD2 protection. I have a list with SD2 compatible burners here… You can try burning the games with CloneCD and “Fast Error Skip” enabled. SD2 doesn’t require extra settings than the normal SafeDisc.

If your burner isn’t mentioned in the list you’re probably outta luck :frowning: You’ll have to use tools like PlayBackup (Win9x) or InseKtors (WinNT).

Let me know if you need help with this!


If your burner isn’t supported by CloneCD, you will need to replace the game executable with a fixed one. Head over to GameCopyWorld to get the fixed exes.