Please help!

Hi one and all!!

Please help this is driving me nuts! There is not enough hours in the day. I am trying to burn home movies onto dvds but it is taking over 8 hours!! I have a sony vaio laptop and have been using blank dvds to burn them onto, have looked and doing it on fastest speed.

Why is it taking so long?
Can I make it faster?
Do some makes/types of dvds burn quicker than others?

Please help as I have at least another 8 to do! :bow:

Please reply in basic layman terms as I am a real virgin at this and if you start to talk to technical my eyes start to glaze over!! lol


We need more info, like what program(s) you are using.


I edited my movies on windows movie maker and then pressed to burn to dvd. I have given up and pressed cancelled because I have had to go out or bed so many times now its doing my head in! Why is nothing simple in life or Im I doing something wrong? :rolleyes:


laptops aren’t the best for doing video conversion. With video conversion it is best to have two physical HD’s. You need one HD for your software, and one for your data/video files. This would speed things up a bit. Unless you have a very high spec system, and even on a good system, video is encoded at a 1 to 1 ratio which means that two hours of video will take two hours to encode

[QUOTE=nuttydede;2309352]I edited my movies on windows movie maker and then pressed to burn to dvd.[/QUOTE]

From that I’m guessing your using windows movie maker to burn the dvd as well. Try a different burning app for the burning process, I’m not too sure how good movie maker is for burning.

It is not the burning per se, but the encoding that’s taking the time and causing the bottleneck to the burn process.

Definitely separate the two, but all the other advice about 2 drives is good advice (also ensure you only have 1 paging file). Really though, no substitute for a faster PC!

I am sure you will have checked, but when you burn home moves, the more changes you make from the original, the slower the encoding. So if you change resolution, framerate, NTCS to PAL, effects, basically anything it all dramatically increases encoding time.

All I have done to the movies is cut bits out and added titles, all the other bits you mention I dont even know what that means - opps! But its defo taking longer than second for second of movie. If I have edited with movie maker ( the simplist one I found) how else can I burn it? I have also saved it to computer, if I burned it from there would it be quicker and look the same when viewing back ie look at different frames, menu etc?
Lastlly what is the difference between x8 compatible disc to a x16 speed?

cheers guys

[QUOTE=nuttydede;2309352]Why is nothing simple in life[/quote] … types someone not living in a 3rd world country… :rolleyes:

anyhoo… First of all, Sony Vaios aren’t the fastest computers in the world.

You use Windows Movie Maker, a free product from Microsoft. It can usually only save files in the Microsoft Windows Media format (WMV).

To transform this WMV file into a dvd video format file is absolute hell. It takes ages to recode/encode and the outcome isn’t always what you expect.

Stay free, stay slow.