Please help

hi there,

i was wandering if anybody could help me out, i recently bought a new cd player so i could use it to plug into my mixer. with my old cd player i was able to connect them up using a phono lead as my old cd player had these fittings at the back. HOWEVER my new one doesnt. i was wandering if anybody could tell me if there is any other way of connecting them up? and what leads i would need to buy if possible.

Here is the cd player and i want to know if there is a way to connect it to my dj mixer other than using a phono lead

Thanks in advance for any help

Hmm, no phono plug anymore on this set eh?
That’s gonna be tough, because the only “sound out” cables are those of your speakers. Those are specialized defined amplified audio (bass only, tweeter only, etc) , so you cannot use those in your mixer. It will probably instantaneously break the mixer. :slight_smile:

Sorry, impossible.

Does it have a headphone jack? Use it, but start with the volume down low on the CD player.

What inputs does your dj mixer have?