Please help

i have posted here before but i work so many hours that sometimes i have a hard time following up. still having insane rip and burn times. takes 1:50 to rip a dvd, 10 min to shrink, and then 1hr to burn. i did the dma reset. i have the lg super multi rw. contacted pc direct (where i got the computer) and says it’s not the equipment. to complicate things i am a newbie at this. please help and thanks in advance

Hi marcusd,

We’ll be glad to try and help.
The more details you provide the easier it is for us to nail down a solution.
Based on what we know, I’d do the following.
Read through both links in my sig re: DMA and follow the suggestions.

Your optical drive(s)’ transfer mode must be in DMA…something like UDMA 2.
It’s not sufficient just to see “DMA if available”.
The second link will have a VB Script file to fix this. I’d encourage you to read the whole article, it’s not long and it’s well worth the effort.