Please help


I was just wondering whether any of you would be able to help me at all. I have a TSSTcorp CD/DVD T6-L632D disk drive built into my laptop and want to back up my data onto DVD’s. I was wondering thought whether anyone knew whether this drive supported DVD-RW or DVD+RW as i dont really know the difference between the two and dont want to waste my money on one type of disk.



Hi and Welcome!

Normally, a modern drive should support all kind of media. But to make sure, you might check the manual of your notebook. I personally would prefer the “+” type of media with Samsung drives in general.

You should also note that DVD+/-RW media are not very reliable for important backups.
If the drive supports them, I would also use DVD-RAM for backups of my daily work as it is very convenient and has built-in verify.


ok, thanks a lot for your help!

use nero infotool to know for sure , if you dont use nero you can get infotol from here