Please Help!


I have some movie files on my computer in .avi format. I’m looking to burn these onto a DVD. I was wondering which is the best way to go about it. The files are kinda poor quality, so also is there anyway to fix them up a little? Should i convert the files into DVD files first and then burn them? If so what program should i use for converting/burning. I have tried burning .avi files with nero but it is veerrry slow…

thanks guys

  1. You can’t “touch up” or make something “Better quality”… so you’re out of luck there. But most things on TV aren’t as high quality as computer anyways, so you might not notice the difference :wink:

  2. MediaCoder is an easy way to convert your files to DVD.

  3. After converting, you’ll need to author the files to DVD… I use TMPGEnc DVD Author, but there are probably many free alternatives out there.

We’re not CSI or some other cop series where the technical people can digitally enhance pixels into high-definition works of art, but what you can do is reduce the screen size of the output. Most dvd players can zoom in, but also reduce the screen size in half. This will give a clearer, but smaller picture.

You could just buy the original DVDs or buy an upconverting dvd player…