Please Help!



hi, i recently downloaded football manager 2007 off bit torrent and when it finished downloading i opened it up and the was loads of files saying rzr-fm07.001, rzr-fm07.002 etc… and it had an info notebook which just said :

  1. Unpack
  2. Mount or burn
  3. Install
  4. Copy crack from /Razor1911 dir to your install path
  5. Play & enjoy!

what does this mean? im new to all this stuff and havnt got a clue lol any help would be much appriciated,
thanks in advance .


Don’t download games you numpty :disagree:

More importantly, don’t expect us to help you with them, less you wish to be hit with the ban hammer :eek:

Taken from The rules of this forum

Requesting for or posting of serial numbers, direct links to cracks or any other information that violates copyright laws or any other laws protecting intellectual property



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