Please Help

I had a pioneer 109d that i upgraded thanks to TDB which backed up my 360 games perfectly, but i recently built my self a new pc and installed a pioneer 111D.

I crossflashed the 111d to a 111L using the 8.19 firmware then upgraded to the 8.26Ext to get booktype facilty’s etc.

Unfortunetly it burns 100% then on lead out fails leaving me with yet another coaster.

Any ideas please.

Did you upgrad your drive’s firmware with the 8.26 EXTERNAL when your drive is INSIDE your PC?

console backupperz… brrrrrrrrr.

“booktype facilities” for what? You haven’t even menioned the media used…

errrrrr thanks for the confidence boost chef (hehe) ermmm omg just realised what external means and yes i flashed it in pc doh!!!

I can’t get the internal to flash the drive, i know i’m a major pain but please help me out lads…

yours a bit groverly Nate…

btw just for chef lol the media type is DVD+R DL (usualy INfiniti in brand or Verbs)

Using the INT version should be the solution.

You may try with 8.19 first. :wink:

Many many thanks Chef it now works a treat…