Please help

Hi everyone,

If anyone has got any ideas all answers would be appriciated!

I have got nero 6 and nerovision express 3 but it won’t give me the option to burn dvd movie. It comes up in startsmart but once i’ve clicked that it doesn’t give me any other option to do it. 's just not on the listIt brings up vision express 3 but it’s just not on the list of things to do.

What do i do?!

Kate x

Hi Kate & welcome to CD Freaks.

In StartSmart do you select DVD at the top or is it showing CD?


I put dvd at the top and choose burn dvd video files from the photo and video menu. It’s after that the option just dissapears

I’ve just removed vision express and now i’m able to burn a dvd in burning rom, but the file is avi and needs vision to author it. I don’t know what that is, is there another program i can use to do that?

The Nero suite has many programs and many options. Please look at this tutorial. There are other programs (commercial and freeware but Nero will do the job).

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You need Nero Vision for the conversion of the avi file to a DVD movie format.

The link that Jeff’s given is for Nero7 but there shouldn’t be much difference between that & Nero6 that you have.

Ok guys i’m getting there! I have got burning rom for burning dvd video up, no problems there. I’ve converted my file from avi and added it to video ts then selected burn. But, and here’s the next problem, it just says waiting for drive to become ready. It doesn’t ever become ready, i’ve got a blank dvd in the drive and have succesfully burnt cd’s, any ideas?