Please help

I have a lot of video files avi, mpeg… I want to convert them to DVD so they can be played on my home dvd player but all the dvd converters I have tried dont make the vob files and all that.

What would you sujesct thanks!

nero vision express is, in my opinion, the simplest, but avi2dvd, convertxtodvd, divxtodvd will all also do the job (convertx is payware and the trial has a watermark. divxtodvd is it’s older freeware version)

it’s my personal preference to create the dvd and not worry about size THEN use something like DVD Shrink to fit to a single layer disc after I’ve encoded the files, but some of the programs have compression options as well.

Ok. Thank you.

If you have A LOT of these files to convert, maybe the faster option is to buy a standalone able to read also avi files.

Doing a mpeg encoding require a powerful CPU (a dualcore will be a better choice, and a lot of RAM memory too), so if you have so much files it require a lot of time for you to convert them all into dvd.

Ok, so do you have any other goods ones, I dont mind paying for them, but only if they are good.

To say the least, this is a really LAME topic title!

i have burned my videos with presentavid actually. it works great.
it could cost ya 2 hundreds but its a video editor and publisher
try the trial

whats it called?

trial is fully functional