Please Help

Im looking for a homeworld 2 cd key because i lost my box…any help would be great…thanks

CDFREAKS Forum[B] DOES NOT[/B] does not give out any CD-keys and so on. All the forum does is help you make a backup of your game cd. :cop:

I`m sure a mod will soon close/delete this post.

well i guess you guys have had some changes since i found atleast 3 posts were cd-keys were given out

From the Forum Rules: We do not allow, nor condone any messages containing:
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End of discussion:cop:

i would show you my evidence but im not getting anyone kicked off these forums…goodbye

Well we are not a warezforum … as for the other cd-keys that you found … they have just been posted by others that didt know better and posted one and the mod/admins of the forum didt see it.

Read the forumrules :iagree: … that goes to you since your new in here.

Edit … hey there we have the mod/admin to … :bigsmile:

Care to post the link to those 3 posts???

well if you contact the software company i’m sure with a copy of your re·ceipt they will be more than happy to help you out…and if you did not buy it then shame on you…