Please help!

I use C# to write the App to burn CD with multi session.But i cannot burn the file if this file was opened by another app. For example :
I useed MS Access open file temp.mdb on d:\PAC folder then I run my app and burn temp.mdb to CD but my app froze. Please ask me how to fix this problem. Thanks


I don’t think you can burn a file opened by another application because during the burn Nero will attempt to open the file as well and that will (most likely) fail with access denied.

I would look for a different approach to your problem so that you dont have to burn opened files.


thanks for your help, But i use Nero Express(V program to burn CD then I saw the message("The process cannot the files bacause it is being used by another process ") but Nero still burn it success

You really should stay away from burning open .mdb files. The burned copy is most likely corrupted.

Your database file is probably locked by the system; I take it that you are the only person accessing the database. you may have to stop the Service before you copy over the file (like SQL server)