Please help

I am new to all this I bought a dvd burner for my computer and ati capture card. It all works fine.I get a video soucre,My question is that what program do I need and how to burn my old movies on tv and vhs on dvd.I tried searches and eveytrhing.I just got dvdsanata and I spent 2 hrs burning a movie.To find out no audio came throught. Can somebody help me.
Thank You

Here’s a good place to start:

Also, you should register for the forum. There are guys there that know everything there is to know about captures. No kidding. Good luck. :wink:

I can get the picture in onto the computer.But how Do I fit it on a dvd.How can I convert it I tried everything .

Details, please. Such as the format and resolution of the captured video? Do you want to do any editing? You seem to be in a hurry. Video is a hobby that takes much time and patience. :wink:

Not in a hurry trying to get this to work for the past three days.I read alot of post and download a bunch of programs.All I want to compress a 1.5 hr movie which is 10.45 gb to one 4.74 dvd.I used dvd santa but it took a long time and there was no audio that came out.

Hi Shaunbalgobin,

Be patient.

Why dont you try the following:

  1. Use a good encoder and convert the file to a format that can be put on a DVD.
  2. Use a good DVD Authoring tool to create the DVD file image.
  3. Use Nero to burn.

If you got what I just said that is half the job, but if you didn’t then what Fritz93 said is very valid and you should try it, i.e. reading the guides. Though we could explain everything in detail to everyone regarding everything, each and everytime, the “EXCELLENT TUTORIALS” written by ChickenMan and several other people over the years on each and every topic, for the benefit of people New to the topic, would “COMPLETELY LOSE MEANING” and become redundant and all of us would be wasting time and effort explaining the same thing again and again. You should not take offense at what I have said as this pretty much goes for everyone, including me when I began. So spend some time, effort and you will be definitely rewarded. No gain without Pain.

Hope this helps.

PS: Fritz93 knows his thing. So when he or anyone else wants to help, they really do mean it. I learnt everything on these pages myself over a lot of sleep deprived nights.

I all new to this
What a encoder and authring software.
What the easiest to use.
Thank you guys for everything

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology, you really need to do as was previously suggested, and that is read the guides and tutorials at This isn’t something you can just jump on the pc and do. You need to learn a little bit about it first. If you want to just jump and get it done, prepare to be frustrated, and end up with a bunch of coasters (bad dvd’s). It is well worth the few hours you will spend learning, and there are step by step guides you can follow.

I used dvd sanata and it took a long time but I got it on dvd but there was no audio.It played the whole through the computer and then burned it .Is that right how do I get audio

Re: Unicorn23 and Harley2ride. Yes, that’s quite right. It’s impossible to give intelligent advice when you don’t yet know the necessary very basic details of the captured video. Which leads me to believe the OP doesn’t know them, or how to find out. The only cure is to read some guides, or better yet go to the glossary first at videohelp. Then the newbie articles. Sorry. :frowning:

I read posts and helps I have dvd santa.But there was no audio that came out.
Am I doing something wrong what programs do I need.