Please help



any help here would be appreciated…I am at my wits end
…a while back I copied some JPG files to a CD … most pics were copied/saved in files and a few others were not in files…I’ve been trying to access these files and all of the pics within the folders on the CD will not preview (thumbnail) nor pull up in XP or any other picture program … these files show up and can be copied…
…the pictures that are not in files work fine, so I know its not the disk itself …

I need some major help or direction please!!



Hi and welcome aboard!

I’m very sorry, but I have a hard time understanding what you have done and what you are trying to do. Can you perhaps explain what you mean with pics stored in and pics stored not in files (did you mean folders?)?


yes…sorry…I meant folders
pictures directly on the CD (outside of a folder) work fine…
pictures stored with a folder show up but do not and will not show a thumbnail and I cannot access the file in XP viewer or another program
…since the other pictures work fine, I would think the CD is OK…they were all copied to the CD at the same time also…
…so I’m at a loss as to whats going on…