Please Help!~!

Ok, so i was exporting a movie in premiere, but didnt realize i had codec set to none… my hard drive had at least 125gb free when i started… i left it running overnight, and when i woke up i had an error message in premiere saying “DISK FULL”… so i checked, and im now down to like 500mb… but heres the kicker… NO FILE TO DELETE to give me back my space… ive tried doing numerous searches with hidden files showing, ive tried windows washer to clear whatever i could. but its still only showing 500mb free… i restarted, shutdown rebooted…im thinking its a swap file or something but cant find anything… i really need to get this space back… any ideas? thanks in advance…

If you open Premiere up, you should be able to see RECENT files/projects, and track down the files from there. Might need to look at preferences/options to see where the temporary files are written.

When I first started with PCs a 20MB HD was huge so don’t complain when you’ve got 500MB :smiley: :smiley:
Anyway seriously, I have a small utility called I.Disk ( ) that’s very handy for showing where space has gone.

Get it & restore your 125GB.

thanks, i’ll give it a try…

If all else fails do a system restore.

still no luck… the temp files (ie scratch disks, etc) are on a completely different drive… i had the movie rendering out to the folder where the original files were… i was basically combining a bunch of movies into 1 full movie… but theres nothing there… so, the search function didnt work, the premiere search didnt work (unless im looking in the wrong place in premiere), and a program called i.disk that supposedly tells your where your space went…i think im outta options here… any other ideas?? this sucks… i really need someones help here… thanks again

AND i just tried SYSTEM RESTORE… didnt work either :eek: :doh:

well, just went thru all the folders in windows explorer looking for an abnormally large one… i had everything viewable (hidden/system, etc) the largest i found was only 40gb… but that was another movie folder that made before i tried this… so thats ok…any other ideas out there? thanks

here’s something else interesting… i just deleted 2 gb of OTHER files…and my hard drive STILL says i have the same amt of free space and before… AAAHHHH!!! please help :a :confused: :o

You lost 125gb overnight? :slight_smile:

Have you tried Disk Cleanup? – under Accessories - System Tools.

If all fails, I would first manually search large files with explorer but add terms “When was it modified” – 2 days ago?-- and specify size at least 10MB. The missing gb might be due to countless small files generated by premiere (if that’s the case).

Another option is you can check each folder “properties” (right click on the folder) and see which folders have large size, then go to each subfolders to check.

Edit: Try also chkdsk under command prompt (Start - Run - cmd) and see if there is lost clusters etc. The command is “chkdsk x:” where x is the drive you want to check.

Let us know how it goes.

:clap: I DID IT!!! :disagree: Thank the lord… and so simple too… :bigsmile: all i had to do was empty my norton protected files in the trash can… phew!! back up to 102GB… i think thats where i started at… anyway, thanks for all the help… :iagree:

Norton Protection bin… hehe… I use Norton Systemworks but always disable the protection in all of my hdd. No use in my opinion.