Please Help



For some reason unknown to me, my NEC ND-2510A will not reconize any of my media that i try to play on it, a couple of days ago it was working fine and now nothing. I have tried a firmware update to see if that did anything, i have tried cleaning the lens to no joy, and i have also formatted and reinstalled windows xp (it needed a good clear out anyway), Please can someone try and help me, if its a lost cause and i am in need of a new dvd +/- rw drive, i will be thinking of a dual layer drive maybe with lightscribe, but can any of you recommend anything, i have seen a SONY DRU-800A 16X INTERNAL, DOUBLE LAYER DVD+/-RW (not lightscribe i know) or a HP DVD640i
16X LIGHTSCRIBE DUAL FORMAT, DOUBLE LAYER INTERNAL DVDRW, which would you recommend out of these if any, if none then what would it be. Thanks all and i look forward to hearing from you soon. Gareth.


Does your drive refuse only written DVDs or also empty ones? And how about prepressed DVDs and CDs?


It refuses all media from written cd’s to purchased dvd’s and even blank discs, it shows up in bios and windows it will not read anything though


Perhaps you can try the drive on another PC?
But it does sound like your drive has died. :frowning: