Please Help!



Please Help Me! I’m a newbie at this, but I have been successfully using AnyDVD and Clone DVD2 during the 21-day trial period. But now, after purchasing the 2 products’ keys, I cannot get CloneDVD2 to successfully copy.

The error message I’m getting from CloneDVD2 is as follows:
Writing to video media was not successful:
media write error.
A write error has occured, probably caused by a bad media.
Please replace the media and try again.
WriteDVD 10 11 W2

I’m running XP with internal burner.
I believe my media and internal burner is fine… I can burn files successfully with Nero.
Earlier IFO/VOB files which copied fine before won’t copy now…
I’ve tried both the ‘clone DVD’ and ‘Copy DVD Titles’ selections - both deliver the same error message / coasters.
My AnyDVD version requested updating just after purchase… to AnyDVD v4.5.8.1 (don’t know what the version was that I WAS running)
My CloneDVD2 version is v2.7.5.1
Any DVD is set to “drive default” burn speed, but I’ve tried slow/quiet and medium as well.

Disc after disc fails, but looks like NOTHING is burning onto the disc…(I’ll try to ‘re-use’ the disc and see if it will burn something in Nero)

Please help; I’ve tried contacting technical support, but haven’t heard back… I love(d) this program until this. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shine upon this problem.


What media are you using…


There’s no need to crosspost…! (clonedvd)


Sorry for the crosspost… still learning what’s kosher.
I’m using a generic media, but have successfully burned at least 20 discs before updating to the purchased keys… maybe this isn’t the issue and only coincidental. I’m starting to doubt by drive - I just tried to burn with Nero6 again and that failed as well.


Does Clone or AnyDVD alter the burner’s firmware?


Please read the clonedvd forum.