Please Help

Look at these scans the only decent one i get is when i scan at full speed this isnt right whats going on?

Your not the only one with this problem and -R media. See [thread=111694]this thread[/thread]. It seem to be an anomaly of the media and/or drive. What does the transfer rate test look like? If it’s ok then I would just ignore the BLER scans. :wink:

The transfer rate is good C0deKing! it seems its only with RiTEK media (only decent media i can get here) were talking all different brands and spindles, my old princos dont do this but they have far more overall errors plus would you trust Princo?

heres the transfer rate

No I wouldn’t.

As I said, it seem to an amonaly/glitch. I would trust your full speed scan and the transfer rate test (the second being the better test)…