PLEASE Help XBOX 360 Not Recognizing My xbox 360 Iso's

If someone can help me out with my problem here you will be a god. I have a flashed xbox 360 and have played flashed games on it many times but recently my computer has not been burning games recognized by my xbox. I have tried ImgBurn and CloneCd and burning just the iso and just the DVD. I for some reason cannot change my advanced setting on my drive though which may be my problem, here is a prntscrn of what it looks like. Maybe its my drive or something but if it is tell me how to change it. pleeassee

heres what it looks like. click here

someone please help me! :slight_smile:

What has an LG booktype setting to do with a Liteon drive???

Use original games and all problems disappear…

oh well it says that for all of the drive types i just put that for one.

but thanks i know that i obviously cant afford to buy games at will

Sorry KylanMarlow, soon as you admit the games aren’t yours means this thread has to get locked :cop: :stuck_out_tongue: