Please Help withAviSynth



I’m using Convolution3d with AviSynth on some VOB files and have created an AVS file to do it. I have the necessary plugins for AntiSynth to work with VOB files. I now need a program to take that AVS file and save the filtered file as a VOB file. Are there any that would do this? I’m planning on using the filtered VOB file in DVD-Lab Pro to create a DVD.


That should be:

I have the necessary plugins for AviSynth to work with VOB files.


You need TMPGEnc 2.5 Plus (including ReadAVS) or CCE to make a MPEG-2 file (and audio track) which you’ll import into DVD-Lab when its done.


Thank you very much for the response. I actually figured that exact solution out right before I saw that you replied. I’m in the process of running a test with a fairly small movie. Should I demultiplex when I use DVD Lab Pro or choose not to? I’m thinking to choose not to.