Please help with xbox to pc network

I am trying to network my xbox to my pc with a cross over cable. I have established the connection but when i click on the connection in network settings it shows that i am sending packets but not receiving?? I am using flashfxp and have set up my connection using the ip address i found on my xbox (evox chip) with xbox as username and password. When i try to connect I either get connection refused or connection timed out. I have dissable all firewalls and virus stuff but still have no luck…can anyone help me???

Look here|358|#358 or look in the console forum located in the stand alone forum here at cdfreaks I know there are some topics that should help alot

Thanks mate
but I have been over and over these websites (before posting here) with no luck, does it matter if you don’t have a tv connected to your xbox when your using flashfxp? (thought you might need to authorise the connection through the xbox or something?) The only thinng that i have found that i haven’t tried is to set the gateway address on my xbox to the ip address of my pc…will give that a go. Thanks again!

Still no luck with it… :a

The short of the very long is… I wanted to watch an .avi file on my xbox, i burnt the file to a cd\r which my xbox didn’t recognise. I was told to use a dvd disk instead (of course i couldn’t get it to burn) … so i went and bought a crossover cable instead. And here i am. Think i will go back to dvd one more time and if that don’t work im off to get a samsung disk drive.

Please, if i have missed something obvious let me know… :confused:

FTPing to your Xbox will ONLY work if its modded/chiped, Sorry. The only way you could watch that AVI is to burn it dvd. Also Xbox do not care about DVD-Rs or DVD+R… it can read both fine.