Please help with Win98se installing

Hi guys i have a strange problem never had before installing Win98 se in a pc,
i formatted hd and started Win98 setup but after the scandisk during the copy of installing files becomes an error msg ““Standard mode:Fault outside of MS-Dos extender
EC=0000 CS=031F IP=3223 AX=0000 BX=0004 CX=0000 DX=0340 SI=000B DI=0000 BP=01E4 DS=0277 ES=0040 SS=027F SP=01AC
remove floppy disc end restart system””
I have not idea what’s happened ,at first i supposed it was an hd problem but was the same using 3different hd!!!
Please help me i’m getting frustrated!!
Thanx u a lot!!

Eject any floppy disks you have in the drive.

Have you in bios detected the actual HD capacities properly.
Have you checked that your cdrom has the appropriate PIO/DMA modes?

Are you installing off a copied win98se disc, or an original?
If copy, use original, see if the copy is corrupted.

Maybe try turning off the 1.44 MB floppy drive in bios and/or disable the actual floppy controller.

See the troubleshooting information in the Microsoft Knowledgebase at Windows Err Msg: Fault in MS-DOS Extender.

i could be way off this this,…but could you be using a msdos bootdisk IE fat16 on a fat32 drive ?

if thats the case, DO NOT try to repair the errors.

Thanx guys i 'm going to try to follow ur suggestions and i will tell if solved!
Win 98 disc is an original and i haven’t any folppy disc inserted in floppy drive.