Please help with Securom!

I’ve got this language learning CD course which is protected by Securom 4.77…001. Since to run the course I need to have the CD in the CD-ROM which makes so much noise I’d like to put the CD image on the hard drive using Alcohol virtual drive. However, when I am dumping the image with my cheap Mitsumi drive (can read subchannel info!) I get a reading error on almost every track and the image is no good for emulation. On the other hand, when I use the Philips CDRW-1208 as a reader (it does NOT read the subchanel info) I get the image OK but the program always asks to insert CD anyway so the Securom emulation does NOT work.

Recently I was able to mount Warcraft III using my Philips reader and it works ok, but this newer Securom is a pain. Do I need a better reader? Why my Mitsumi which reads subchannel does not work??? Alcohol has a Securom emulation option so I think reading subchanel data should not be important???

Thanks for your help!

Try this:
Insert the disc in Philips CDRW-1208
Enable securom emulation
start the course
close the course
DON’T eject the disc
Open alcohol-image making wizard
Use Securom new profile

Unfortunately the Original course CD is not recognized in my Philips CDRW-1208 (I get the Insert Original CD message like it is a copy). I can only start it from Mitsumi CD-ROM. Strange. I tried to mount the image made with the Philips using Clone CD, D-tools and Alcohol. None of these works giving me the insert CD message. Is the Securom emulation worth anything in these progs???

No DON’T enable the SecuROM emulation - If you have a raw image you won’t need it.

Read the image in the drive that the orinal works from. Whem you read your image, make sure you read sub-channel data from data tracks (if it’s old securom) or use Alcohol 120% to make an image if it’s securom supernew :slight_smile:

These images should with with D-Tools with NO emulation.


When I read the image using the Mitsumi CD-ROM (the one I can run the software from) I am getting all tracks reading errors!!!

Enabling or disabling securom emulation does not make any difference. I tried to mount the image made with the Philips on Clone Cd and D-tools. NOthing works.

I tried the Securom New as well as Securom New (4.x) profiles in Alcohol. Securom 4.77…001 is at least called Securom New or maybe the super new. Anyway any of these profiles give the track reading errors. I am thinking that maybe the reader is not good enough, but why? If the reader can play it (run the software) why it does not read it correctly for image making??? Why I was able to mount WIII which is Securom 4.68, not much older Securom, without any subchanel reading using my Philips writer and not this one???

Is Alcohol blacklisted with this version of Securom or the Securom emulation not good enough???

Yes, Alcohol 120% is blacklisted in Securom 4.77xxxx :frowning: (as far as I know).

Originally posted by soezepoes
Yes, Alcohol 120% is blacklisted in Securom 4.77xxxx :frowning: (as far as I know).

Latest Alcohol version is not blacklisted by SecuROM 4.77