Please help with recommending programme to protect VideoCDs

Hi, firstly, i have searched the forums and read many posts, however, i cant find a definate answer anywhere… So here goes…

I have a few video files (both avi, and bin and cue files). I wanted to burn a few of them onto CDrs for friends. However, i do not want them to be easily copied. I know that it is not possible for it to be 100% uncopyable, but i just want simple protection so that copying is not as easy as clicking ‘copy and burn’ If it helps prevent them from copying the files onto HD and burning those files into CD, that would be good too. So I’m just looking for a simple programme that can help me to that (there are many complicated programmes… too complicated) Can anyone recommend one please? It would be greatly appreciated. BTW i’m using Alcohol 1.9.2 and Nero Thanks again ! :slight_smile:

(i went to and got files from there, but i dont know how reliable they are. i’m thinking of trying PC guard, but i want a certain yes or no b4 i do anything)

Wrong forum. Moved.

I have used and liked tzcopyprotection form the link you have above.

Which one should i download and use ? they have 3 options there… are they user friendly? thanks a lot.