Please help with quality problem

Hi everyone I am new to this forum. I am trying to use Adobe premiere elements to capture home movies and am loosing at least 20% of the quality when I burn to dvd compared to watching it directly on tv from the tape. The movie I am working with is small about 5 min. I am setting my preferences to high quality. We have a Panasonic GS 250 camcorder. We use a firewire. We have 140G of freespace. 512MB shared ram and 3GHZ processor. Our DVD burner is not on Adobe’s list of preferred burners. Our burner is a NEC ND2100AD. It uses Sonic as the driver. Can anyone help.
Sure would appreaciate it.

well its got to be Adobe premiere elements and either the codecs or settings it uses. i would try NeroVision Express to capture the video if i were you. see if it works better. also try @

I doubt it is the adobe software. It is one of the most highly recommended mid level (professional) softwares recommended by VideoGuys.Com

do you have any information about your compression rate that adobe is using. Usually the dvd burner support isn’t the culprit either in a quality issue. Is there pixillation on the screen, or jerkey-ness. if jerkyness, it could be your dvd player. Some older DVD players won’t play record-once or rewritable dvd’s

That’s the part I would like you to explain… :confused: what are the symptoms?

It could be as simple as you are using the wrong settings to capture, bad cables, bad source file, or bad media. You just need to keep changing out one thing at a time, until you hit the solution. Your software/encoder is professional level, so it definately is not that.

Have you figured out your Video Problem yet?

Please explain the process of how you convert the AVI to DVD. Using Adobe Premiere Elements for this is not the best option. I have had several issues with using Adobe Premiere Elements to edit my videos. The final output had some artifacts (I am not blaming Adobe, it could be some how-to which I missed).

I now use Windows Movie maker to edit my home videos and then compress to DVD format using either TMPEGEnc (better but somewhat difficult to predict filesize) or Nero Vision Express (easiest to use). This is a very easy and straightforward process. If you want more complex editing I’d recommend trying Vegas Video (I hope I got the name right).