Please help with Plextor PX-708A problem

I am always getting the cannot complete write due to disc at once error (wasted 6 discs already), I am using nero version and still getting these errors. The disc i have are the memorex DVD+R 4x. Is this just a problem with nero or the drive? i have read that some people say that they are having no problems with Roxio but i have never used roxio before and was wondering if it was any good or not. If anyone has a fix for this problem please let me know. Thanks.

I don’t know whether the problem is with Nero or Plextor, but the problem only occurs when the Plextor is used with Nero. I had the same problem with so I tried the Roxio software…and had no problem at all. The problem is I absolutely cannot stand it so I’m trying the latest version 6. I’m sorry to hear you’re having the same problem with it.

I wish I had a suggestion, but I don’t…


Strange I had this problem with it was greatly reduced (but still happened sometimes) with and never happens to me since I installed…

Use: Plextor PX-708A fw v1.03 , Verbatin DVD+R x4 disks (at x8 mode).

Btw: what firmware version you have on your Plextor ?

I am also seeing the “Can’t complete write due to DAO” problem.

I have a Plextor PX-708A, Ver 1.03.

I failed when using Memorex 4x DVD+R (writing @ 8x).



Thanks for the replys guys, i just upgraded my firmware to version 1.03 yesterday. Only have been able to burn 1 disc so far so i cant tell if it is fixed or not yet. I have been getting the Can’t complete write due to DAO errors writing at 4x and 8x so its not the write speed thats the problem. Hopefully sometime soon this will be fixed permantely