Please help with nero burning avi to vcd and svcd

the process of turing avi files to vcds or svcd takes a very long time on my computer(i have an old one). what disterbs me the most is the fact that nero plays the avi file that i selected to turn into vcd while it (nero) converts them (files) and then burns them in a single process.i think that playing the files takes a lot of power and memory off my computer so i would like to know if thier is a way to turn off the playing of avi files in the upright corner when nero converts them to vcds or svcds.

thanks in advance


playing the avi file is a normal process, i think that there is no saving in time when playing is disabled, when you convert avi to DVD/(S)VCD every picture has to be new calculated.

And there are a many pic´s to be calculated 25 per second for pal. Only a faster CPU and better RAM is saving you time.