Please help with Nero 5.5

I got a Lite-On CD-RW drive at home and a Combo AOpen drive at work which was purchased last week. I usually copy data to transfer to home from work or to work from home.

But I have a problem with using the Aopen and Nero 5.5 (it could also be that my lite-on drive gives me the problem).

Anyway, I record some data at work, I bring the CD at home and everything is working fine. I copy some more data to my home’s CD-RW on the same CD, I take it to work and the CD is read with the Aopen drive.

BUT when I try to record some more data to the same CD using the Aopen drive, it gives me the error message :‘Probability of a corrupted CD’.

I copy the data I want to record on a diskette and I bring it home with the original CD. I try to copy the same data on the same CD and there is no problem at all with my Lite-ON drive.

Can someone lhelp me out here? Probably there is something wrong with the Aopen drive at work, recording a new session after another CD recorder has recorded a session before or something like that.

All the sessions are closed and in both drives I use a multisession format ofcourse.

Thank you very much I will be looking forward for a reply,