Please help with my burning problems!

Sorry if I sound a bit inexperienced but I am having a few problems while trying to burn CD images.

Recently I got an image file for Delta Force Land Warrior, but it said the size of the file was around 780 MB which obviously would not fit on a CD, when I clicked the image, Easy CD Creator (which I use for copying) said that it could not be written, presumably because the size was too big. The text file did however say that compressed, the image was around 560 MB and I was wondering if there was any way to compress the image to it’s compressed size which would go onto CD fine.

Surely this can be done as the game does not come on 2 CD’s.

Also, please could someone tell me what BIN and CUE files are. this is how most of the images I have seen are named but when I click them, Easy CD Creator does not seem to recognise them. I did try to rename one image from BIN to ISO and the CD wrote fine but this has only worked once. Please, please tell me how to write BIN and CUE images as from what I have heard, these are more popular than ISO.

Any help or suggestions would be more than appreciated.

Thankyou for reading!!!

use demon tools :wink:
U can look into the bin/cue without having
to burn the damn thing and install ya gamez

if it works & so on:

use CDRWIN to burn yer image

Delta Force is most likely a CloneCD image. (CCD)
There is some additional information in an Image file, but when you select the image in CloneCD for burning you will see it fits perfectly on a CDR (perhaps 80 mins, but it will fit)

cue/bin files are CDRWin images, but can be burned with Fireburner as well.
You might want to check that site.