Please Help with Liteon LVW 5005

Hi all,
Just bought the 5005 at KMart. How can I tell if it’s got the latest updates?
The manufacted date is September 2004.
I noticed in the manual, they’ve got the recording quality at 1, 2, 4 and 6hr modes. It doesn’t mention the 3hr mode, but it shows it on mine. So please let me know if I need to do any updates? I’m not good at these updates and I’m just afraid I might mess it up. If I do need to do updates, what are they for and wat do they fix? Before I start making DVD’s? Please any help would be much apprecitated. Thanks.

To find out what firmware is on your 5005, press the Setup button on your remote and at the top of the screen you will see faint white numbers.

xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx (xxx - xxxx)

the third set of x’s is your firmware version

It says 0090. What do the updates solve? And will the 3hr. recording mode still be there if I do the updates? Thanks so much for the help.

Very good question! Let me check mine!

You will lose the 3 hr mode if you upgrade the firmware, so you will need to do the hack to get it back. Seems that your 5005 had the firmware hack done to it because they never had 3 hr recording mode.

I went and download the update from Liteon’s website and found the Hack and did what it said, but I’ve not made the CD, yet.
This is what it says when I do the firmware hack:
Searching file.
Found Macrovision Hex String at 0x000A13CF.
Removed Macrovision.
Found Main Checksum at 0x000000EB.
Could not find LP checksums. (Skipping LP Hack)
Added Region Free.

It says it’s skipping the LP hack. I’ve got the 3 hr mode right now with the firmware 0090 firmware. If I do the hack or the update will I lose the 3 hr mode?
Either way I go? Please if anyone can answer these questions. I’d really appreciate it.

You will need the 3 hr mode on the hacked version or you will lose it when you upgrade the 5005

hmmm, didn’t think from factory the 5005 had a 3hr mode, although the 5006 did. So one of two things, the 0090 did deliver 3hr, or that unit was hacked and returned for some reason.

Need help. Have a lvw-5005 and N# 0102-1840-0101-B203 (100-010D)… It has stopped recognizing any type of disc except data. No DVD disc are recognized. The question i have. I’m stupid when it comes to the updates. I’ve tried everything to download firmware from lite on and other web sites. Trying to unzip them, and then make an ISO image. I can’t do… I’ve tried everything. Any one out there able to email me or post to this the steps i need to do it all? THANKS. BILLY

Sounds like a bad drive not firmware. You might want to think about changing the drive. Plenty of posts on how to change the drive. You might also want to consider changing your firmware back down to 098 you now have 101. The 098 can be hacked for MV and 3hr. You can find all of this info. here in other posts. Good luck hope this helpped you out. Let us know if you have any problems.

At are instructions on how to hack including how to create the CD which may be a CDRW if you want to avoid wasting a CDR for a small file for limited use. If you’re having trouble creating the ISO, you might try Nero Image Recorder which will create a CD image on your hard drive; then select “Burn Image” in Nero to actually create CD needed. However, as DR. PAUL alludes you likely need to replace the drive to fix the problem as I and others have done; I had 1 that stopped reading all disks after just 6 months use and replaced the burner. FYI this week CompUSA has for $25 after $20 rebate the Sony DRU-120c which was used in a successful replacement; go to for more details. I just ordered 1 of these for eventual replacement in a 5005 that still has original burner still working.

Re: LiteOn LVW 5005… Prepairing then invalid disk
The definitive answer is certainly to change the drive as suggested earlier for the LH18A1P I took the tip and purchased a slightly used one on Ebay total cost with postage was £13. 1st power up and open tray then unplug. remove front of tray, it unclips at bottom, pull out and up then slides off. remove screws and take the entire drive out. Remove base plate of replacement drive and screw down into the two rear mountings. Remove facia of Recorder and cut out the three little pieces of moulding directly above where the tray drawer will be, this prevents the drive from being forced down at the front. With facia off fit the drive back onto the now screwed down base plate. Replace facia, connect drive power up and open drawer then unplug. On the drawer front cut off the centre small moulding because it doesn’t line up with the cut outs in the drawer, the other two do, slide the front downwards onto the drawer then press at the bottom till it clips in. Job done. My 5005 now reads much faster and recognises all discs prior to this Invalid Disc on everything, cleaned lens and it would then only see pre-recorded films etc but no blank discs. PS my spelling isn’t crap but how we do it in the UK…the proper way!!!