Please Help with Liteon 5005



Please if anyone can let me know how to do the updates? It says there is 2 updates that I need to do. System update and Firmware update
Do I do the hack with the system update or the firmware update?
I’ve read some of the post, but not found any help.
There is already 3 hr mode on there. I’d like to get
the mv. Do I go and do the updates from Liteon site first and install to the recorder first, then do the hack? Please I’d really apprecaite any info that can be given.
Can I use a CD-RW disk?
I went and downloaded the IloHack.exe, ran it and clicked on the system firmware upgrade LNHA1000.E20 and this is what comes up: in the status bar:
Searching file.
Error: Could Not Find Macrovision Hex String!

Then I do the System update:LNHA1098.ES5 and this is what comes up:
Searching file.
Found Macrovision Hex String at 0x000A13CF.
Removed Macrovision.
Found Main Checksum at 0x000000EB.
Could not find LP checksums. (Skipping LP Hack)
Added Region Free.
So which one do I do?

They say on the site to do the firmware but when I do you see what comes up.
So please HELP!!!
Does anyone have the update where I can get the 3hr mode and the MV?
Because it’s not coming up for me when I do the Ilo/LiteOn Hacker?
PLEASE HELP anyone!!!


If things have not changed and my memory is correct.
Go to LiteOn site download system update and/or drive update whatever it says you need. Unzip, burn to CD (RW) should be fine. Install.
download firmware upgrade, unzip, burn to CD (I use Record Now Max). Install. Test all functions.
Run the IloHack program on the unziped firmware then burn to CD, install (use the instruction) - sometimes the last “restore” is not needed or if used 3hr does not show up.
test all functions once more.

LNHA 1098.ES5 was hacked in the last 2 5005 units I had and both worked fine, I was not asked for a system or drive update. Had 3hr mode and MV on both. MV is nice 3hr very much like 4hr difference hard to notice.
Your download of firmware zip file may have a error, try another download or another method to download (try internet explorer v netscape). the hack should work fine for both MV and 3hr.

hope this is some help


Which file to I apply the Hack too?
This one :
or this one:

Thanks for the help!!


install the unhacked version first. Test function. save in compter HDD.
Run the Hack. use instructions if hack has no errors, install.


CCRomeo is correct.

The 1000 file is for the drive update which you should only do once you have finished with the 098 update which is the system file.

If you get errors it is possible that the file became corrupted on download so try re-downloading it.

Errors can also occur in the burn process which is why some use a utility to record the files checksum before and after burning to ensure no errors have occured.

If you are unsure about the firmware upgrading process there is a guide here:


Hi i was wondering if you have a copy of the two firmwares i just updated mine the otherday and now after i record the recorder says no disc, i though downgrading might help but i can’t find the old files any where if you can send me these files it would be appreciated ill give you my email address
Hope you can help


Hi Karl

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