Please help with i/o error!



i recently posted the same but since i said 'i downloaded the game. they closed my thread. But i wanted to make a backup of my game only that idont have a kreon drive to rip my game so i just downloaded it. CANT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!:sad:


If you post a photo of your original disc and a bit of paper with today’s date on it and your username here on the forum, perhaps they’ll allow it?


wat you mean by a bit of paper?


oh never mine


Please do not make another thread on this topic, else you will have your posting privileges suspended. If you wish to discuss the matter, send me a personal message.

It doesn’t matter if you own the game and have downloaded an image of the same game. We support people who make their own backups, but we do not provide information and support for anyone downloading material that is illegally distributed. An image/copy of the game that is downloaded without express permission of the copyright holders is not a subject for discussion here.

This thread is closed.